Programming or Coding Resources

Anyone can learn to program computers. It just takes the desire to learn.

Realise that programming is fun, rewarding and can not only lead to a lucrative career but can also develop valuable skills that are useful across many walks of life.

Find a context for programming that motivates you. For example…

  • Make games: design and create your own game.
  • Create mods for games: add your own touch to a favourite game.
  • Art: programs can create wonderful and inspiring images.
  • Tell stories: programming animations can keep people entertained.
  • Develop Apps: run your creations on your Windows, Android or iPhone.
  • Websites: programming is behind all major websites making them work.
  • Music: play, change and generate music using program code.

Free Resources


Scratch(online): fun, accessible. A good way to be introduced to general programming methods. Loads of tutorials and examples on the Scratch website.

LightBot(online): A fun and challenging way to be introduced to some programming methods.

Hour of Code(online): Fun ways to be introduced to coding using contexts from Star Wars, Frozen and more…

The Doctor and the Dalek(online): From the BBC, program a dalek in a fun game.

Still friendly but getting more advanced

Kids Ruby(159MB download):

Alice (download): Programming using 3D characters. This can get fairly advanced and is even used in some college courses. Try the hour of code tutorial to get started.

Code combat(online): learn to code in Python (and a few other languages) by using code to control a character through lots of game levels, starting with a dungeon.

Code Avengers(online): learn games programming with Javascript, also learn plain Javascript or HTML/CSS.


Visual Basic: A fantastic code editor, interpreter, compiler and visual designer in an all-in-one package. Suitable for new programmers yet capable enough to develop professional applications and learn some very advanced techniques.

Python: A very popular language. Loads of packages to extend its abilities from visual designers to games development.

Code Academy(online): choose from a wide selection of programming languages. Languages recommended by QAHS are: Python, SQL, Javascript, PHP and HTML/CSS – although there really are no bad ones to learn.

See some more, including iOS, Android and Windows Apps, here