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Computing plays an increasingly important role in the future of young people

New for 2016
Introducing our exciting new course for senior school:

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Creative Industries :: Creative Computing

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The importance of programming

‘What most schools don’t teach’? – well we are proud to be teaching programming at Queen Anne High School

Did you know?

A few years old now but this still contains relevant thought provoking facts, which highlight the importance of Computing skills in order to prepare our young people for a future beyond school.

Reading, Writing and Programming

I can spend hours watching videos on TED. This is a 15 minute talk by a creator of the SCRATCH programming language which we use from S1 in Queen Anne High School. Even if you don’t watch the whole of this presentation I hope it opens up the world of TED talks for you.

Creativity in schools

Having seen Sir Ken Robinson and watched numerous talks by him I am a great fan. He is talking about creativity in education in this lecture – a topic addressed by all of the courses in Computing but none more so than our new Creative Industries :: Creative Computing course.